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Опубликовано   18 May 2021 11:27

Bob Van Ronkel, second from left, with Russian President Vladimir Putin and action star Steven Seagal. (Courtesy of Bob Van Ronkel)

The Putin-Seagal bromance: The backstory

Bob Van Ronkel talks the classic Hollywood insider gab.

The words blowing by at a fast clip, his sentences hop along on gilded proper nouns: A-list celebrities, members of the rock-and-roll pantheon, the agents and execs controlling the industry’s marionette strings. And like any fixer worth his reputation, he’s got a hefty stack of photos from his years in the game to back up his name-dropping. Van Ronkel with Jack Nicholson. Van Ronkel with Pamela Anderson. Van Ronkel with Hilary Swank. Van Ronkel with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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