Doors to Hollywood is an American owned entertainment, talent acquisition and events company, created to help International clients of all sizes procure Hollywood actors, bands, athletes, models and speakers to participate in forums, film festivals, private parties and special events, as well as advertise and promote their products, companies and cultures.

With over 23 years of experience in the business and more than 200 different clients, Doors to Hollywood has access to every band and Hollywood star and can help you book the biggest and best celebrities, with the least amount of headaches and effort.

Most importantly, with Doors to Hollywood there are no middle men, we deal directly with the stars or their management.

As Talent Buyers, some of the services we offer are:

1. To locate the celebrity you want and negotiate a final agreement with them that fits your requirements.

2. To locate a well-known band or musician you would like to have perform at your event and negotiate a mutually approved final agreement for you, directly with their management.

3. To help clients from all over the world select and arrange for specific Hollywood celebrities to participate in their advertising and marketing campaigns, promote their business, products, or country.

4. To help clients select the right celebrity to participate in their companies product launch, promotion, television, print and/or marketing campaign.

5. To arrange for one or more Hollywood stars to act in a client’s foreign language film or television show.

6. To arrange for a celebrity to participate in a client’s music video.

7. To design different types of events and activities that help clients properly promote themselves, their products, business or country.


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